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Japan are famous for its rich culture. One of the best thing in Japan is anime and manga. These anime have one thing in common. They teach us to learn to work together, unite as one and the good things will eventually defeat the bad things. I’m sure that most of you have watched one of these great anime in your childhood. In this post, I’m going to list all of the best anime of all time on Putlocker (Visit website to watch best movies on Putlocker)

  1. Doraemon

DoraemonThis is a really famous manga of Fujiko F. Fujio, It has become a symbol of Japanese. The anime is about a boy, Nobita who is a total loser. He is bad at school, at sport, mostly everything he takes part in. But everything had changed with the arrival of Doraemon, the robot cat from the future. He has all kind of cool item in his 4D pocket. Nobita’s life became better and better. He had made good friends, Suneo, Jaian, and Shizuka. Each episode is a great adventure of the friends, which they will learn valuable lessons about life.

  1. Pokemon

Pokemon is a part of many people’s childhood. Starting from a video game from Nintendo, Pokemon has been transferred into manga and anime. They are all big success and have created a Pokemon wave all over the world. In the anime, you will join the adventure of Satoshi – an enthusiastic Pokemon trainer and his friends, Misty, Block, and Green. And on their way, they will learn how to train and battle using their Pokemon.

  1. Naruto


Since its first release, Naruto has been loved by all manga and anime fans from all over the world. The anime tells the story of a little ninja boy, who has no parents and was hated by almost every person in his village. But with his self-determination and helps from friends, he keeps moving forward and training to become a better ninja. With great character, skill system and a large world. The anime is a huge success and has become a global phenomenon.

  1. One Piece

There are two great anime/manga lately. And if someone says the first one is Naruto then the second one is definitely One Piece. The main character Monkey D Luffy has dreamt of being a pirate when he was just a little boy. He was inspired by a pirate hero name Red Hair Shanks and set sail to the ocean to find the great treasure of the pirate king Golden D Roger. On his journey, he has made great friends that also have the same dream. There are many dangerous and challenge await but they can overcome them all.

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