Must-have accessories for your bedroom

Curtain and mattress
Bed room accessories


A bedroom is where we spent more than one third of our day. For that reason, we should know how to decorate it appropriately in order to make it more sleep-friendly. In this article, we will show you just that. Here are some necessary accessories for your lovely sleep paradise:


Curtain and mattress


1/ Sound-proof curtains

In order to sleep soundly at night, the room needs to be really quiet so that there is nothing to disturb your sleep. This object will keep the majority of noise outside giving you an environment conducive to slumber.

2/ Mattress

This is where you lie down straight on your back. In order to stay horizontal most comfortably, it needs to be elastic and have enough air ventilation. Try experimenting with many types of mattress and settle for the one that suits you best. Here is a list of the mattress under 500 dollars currently on the market; this should be able to help you.

3/ Blanket

A must-have item just in case it gets cold. You should a regular blanket and a heavy-duty one (a down comforter). The former will keep you warm during the night in the hot season. The latter will keep you warm even in the coldest night.

4/ Alarm clock



For average sleepers, a regular smartphone built-in alarm clock is well enough for the job. For heavy sleepers, however, something more heavy duty will be needed. You should buy an alarm clock that plays something you would like to hear when you wake up. That way, you will be more likely to wake up, get things done, and not slam the clock onto the wall on a bad hair day.

5/ Bookshelf

A good way to make your bedroom more YOU. You can go with a traditional bookshelf or go with a more modern one, whatever that suits you best. This will even help you form the habit of reading before bedtime. You get to learn something new and sleep on it, what’s more to ask for?

5/ A lamp

A perfect accessory for some light activity before bedtime. You should choose something that allows you to adjust the brightness or even turn off automatically over time. This will allow you to do some light activities, reading perhaps, before bedtime which makes it easier to fall asleep.

That is my list of must-have accessories for your bedroom. If you want to find out about other articles related to this matter, have a look at our website, you won’t be disappointed.


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Hotel collection Hungarian goose down comforter review

Hotel collection Hungarian goose down comforter


What can be more satisfy than sleeping in a comfortable comforter on your bed every night? But even how many money you spend, it isn’t always guaranteed that you’ll get what you want. So in this post, I’m going to give you a detailed review of the Hotel Collection Hungarian goose down comforter and throughout down comforter guide –

Hotel collection Hungarian goose down comforter review

Product detail

The comforter is covered with 600 thread count pure Pima cotton cover and filled with high quality Hungarian hypoallergenic white goose down. The fill power is 700 which is quite high. All of Hotel collection products are filled with Ultra Clean Down which has been carefully purified using a special washing process so it isn’t likely to cause any allergic reaction. And it is machine washable.


Pros and cons


The 700 fill power will definitely make you feel so warm that you wouldn’t want to leave your bed. And the hypoallergenic material is a great improvement. And the 600 luxury thread count will definitely keep your down in place. If you’re allergy to down and haven’t had the chance to try a down comforter, now is your chance. And the machine washable feature is really neat. Down quality is amazing, it’s soft, light-weighted but still very warm.


The only thing to complain is that the price is quite high for the average user so you should consider your budget before buying this.

How to choose a down comforter

Here’s how you should choose a down comforter

Fill power

fill power


This will determine the warmth of your comforter. Depends on how you want to use it, there are 3 different categories of fill power to choose from. Bellow 300 fill power is suitable for an area with warmer winter. The 300-500 fill power has an average warmth so can be used as a year-round blanket. And the 500 and above is perfect for freezing winter. There’re also options for 900 fill power but I must say, this comforter will make you feel really hot. Unless you are living in the North Pole, you wouldn’t want to use these to sleep.

Down type

Down vs synthetic


There are 2 different down types:

Natural down

They are often made from goose or duck down. Natural down can provide a better comfort and warmth. But sometimes, they could cause allergy to the user. And natural down usually cost more than synthetic down (obviously)

Synthetic down

This can sometimes call “alternative down” since their purpose is to replace natural down. There are many different synthetic downs, each one will have its special functions. But they often fail to deliver the quality of natural down.




Thread count

The number of thread count will determine how tightly woven is the fabric. The tighter it is, there’ll be less chance for the down inside to slip out.


This is the barrier that keeps down inside the comforter and not leaking out. A high-quality fabric is designed to keep your comforter last forever.

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