Guidance for installation of solar power system for the household

1. The solar power system for the life

Solar power is becoming more popular and cheaper. Nowadays, there are many families who want to combine solar power system with electricity grid to be able to use for daily needs. There are many households that use solar electricity as the main source of electricity, and the grid is a back-up source when solar power is no longer sufficient to supply the load. But many families just want to install solar power for some small loads in the family to be able to prevent the loss of electricity such as lighting, fans, television. If you want to learn about the best battery chargers, I suggest the schumacher battery chargers.

Solar power system


In this article, we will show you how to install a solar-powered grid electricity system for households that are building a home or intend to build new homes and households that have an electrical system. Stable that want to install more solar power system. For grid-connected solar power systems simply do not care about your home’s electrical system. The method of calculating the design of solar power systems can be found in in-depth articles.

2. For new homes

For households that are building a house or planning to build a new home, the design and installation of solar power systems will be simple. First of all, you list all the loads that need to use solar power. If you want all the loads in the house to use solar energy, no need to pay attention to the installation of electrical systems in the home. You only need a 2-way switch to isolate the two power sources as shown below. If possible, you can invest in an electrical switchboard that can automatically switch power supplies.

For new homes


If you just want to power some of the lights and sockets, then you should install these roads independently to be able to supply solar power to these roads without affecting other equipment. In this case, you also invest in a 2-way switchgear or cabinet to separate the branch to use the energy of the surface.

3. For home has a stable power system

For households that have a stable grid system, when they want to install solar power, it is likely to be more complicated when it comes to calculating whether to cut off individual solar power loads. Pull more power lines

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