How to do some simple house repair jobs?

Your house is what probably cost you the most, so it makes sense that you should take care of it. While it is advisable that you should call a professional when something breaks or functions improperly, you can fix many of them yourselves. While most of these require little to no experience at all, it is always a good idea to do some quick research beforehand. This is especially true if you are dealing with electrical stuff. Anyway here is our list of the most common fix that you can do it yourselves.

Simple house repaire


Broken toilet lever

This is an easy one. If pushing or pressing the lever doesn’t work, you can just open the tank (the area where the water is held) and connect the chain again. In more serious case, the handle might be worn out due to external elements or there are some broken pieces. In that case, you can buy the replacement parts on the market and ask the seller how to replace. They will be glad to help you.

Toilet repair

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Unclog the toilet

You will need either a toilet plunger or a toilet auger for this. Put the plunger to the hole and flush water to submerge it. Next, perform some downward thrusts, like 8 or 10 times. In simple case, the water should flow freely after that. If not, it’s time to use the auger.

This tool will cost more than a plunger but it works much better for serious case as well. Put the auger into the toilet until you feel that you have reached the clogged part then pull it out. It’s simple as that.

Pipe leakage

To fix this, you need to first cut off the water to the pipe, either by using a valve near it or somewhere in the basement. Once that’s done, put a bucket or something similar below the pipe. Start unscrewing the compression nut and rinse out the P trap if necessary. Then just replace whatever you need and screw everything back again.

Replace a light switch

Replace light switches


You may be tempted to call a professional to do this type of work for fear of getting electrocuted or even worse when dealing with electricity. However, this is very easy and you can do it if you can follow some simple instructions. Firstly, cut off the electricity to avoid any unwanted damage. Then open the cover of the switch using a flathead screwdriver. Next, remove the broken switch and you will see two wires. Disconnect them and attach them to a new switch and put everything back together.

Holes in the wall

These are inevitable but can be easily fixed. For small and simple resulting from hanging a pictures or anything similar, you can do the following. Wipe the area clean and put some spackle into it using a small knife and then let it dry. Once you are done with it, use sandpaper to flatten the surface and apply paint if necessary.

Stuck window

If you haven’t opened your window for a while, then it will make some terrible noise when you try to open it again. For this, you will need some lubricating agent like elbow grease or WD40. Apply it to the stuck area and try move the window gently by using a small blunt knife to get the edges to open. Once you get it moving, remember to wipe the dirt thoroughly.

That was our take on some of the most common house repair jobs. If this is not enough for you, then please click here to see more information on this topic. You won’t be disappointed.


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