How to properly set up a fish tank for beginners

For those who don’t know, I’ve always been a fish maniac during my entire life. It all started when I was a child, I watched a TV show on the Discovery channel. I was immediately attracted by the awesomeness of the ocean. So I told myself that I’ll create an oceanic world of my own.

Set up fish tankFor those who’re still new to this, don’t feel discouraged setting up your own fish tank. It’s really simple, I’ll show you.


First, you will need a fish tank, and by that, I mean a large one. Not the kind that you could put on your desk. Clean the inside of the tank with some warm water and clean towel. After that, prepare some stuff for the decoration. It could be some sand, some gravel, some shiny rock, and plants.Preparation

You also need to clean them with water. Remember only use water for this, don’t apply any detergent or soap because they’re toxic for your fish. For the plants, you could use some plastic ones since they’re cheap and easy to use. But I prefer using live aquatic ones because they bring great benefits for your tank. These plant could help purify the tank as well as adding oxygen to the water. But they’re not easy to take care though.


Start by putting the sand onto the tank bottom surface, make sure you spread them evenly. Then plant the plants in the sand, do this as deep as possible so your plant could stay firm. Spread the gravel and rock on the sand surface, add a little more at the roots of the plants to stabilize their position. After that, pour the water in the tank, start from the bottom to the near top of your fish tank. Remember to leave some spare space between the water and the cover. This will allow your fish to surf up to the surface and grab some air. There is also an option of making a background for your aquarium. It could be a scenery of a forest, or under the deep sea. I think it’ll look very cool so you should try it some time. Also, you can decorate the outside of your fish tank with some sticker. It’ll up to your style to choose that sticker.



It’s not done when you finish filling water in the tank. You need to make sure the water environment is suitable for the fish to live. What we’ll need are a water filter and air pumper. You can find the best canister filter here. This two equipment will help clean the water and adding more oxygen to it. Additionally, I often use a pH meter and a temperature meter to make sure the water is good and the environment is stabilized. A little remind when choosing your water filter, you should choose a filter that comes with both biologic and mechanic filter. The mechanic one will remove all the dirt on your tank and the biologic will get rid of the ammonia that was formed from the fish urine. It’s very toxic so be sure yours can do it.


Remember to change the water frequently. Even though you’ve got all these devices to do the work for you, your aquarium will still get dirty over time. This dirt can’t just disappear so you’ll need to get rid of them by changing the water. Also clean the inside of your fish tank, not only the water. A lot of dirt got stuck in the tank and they won’t go away until you do something with them.

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