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Watching movies has always been the most common types of entertainment. In the old days, we’ll have to go to the cinema or theater to watch movies. But now, movies can be watched from almost anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection. Web sites that allow its users to stream movies from it are coming up one by one. Some of the most well-known names are Amazon, Netflix, or Hunu. And of course, users must pay for the contents. But there’re many websites that allow user to freely streaming movies from it without charging a single penny.



The most famous website in this category is 123movies and since it’s free to use, most users often question: is it safe to watch movies on it? This article bellow will answer all your question about the benefit and risk of watching movies here.

Is it legal?

Is it legal


For this matter, there has been many discussion both online and offline whether the site is illegal or legal. In my opinion, it’s sort of legal since it doesn’t have any movies on its server. All movie links are from other websites (dailymotion, filefactory,,,,,,,, and others) so technically it’s is legal. The website just redirects users to other movie hosts, it doesn’t directly host and distribute the contents.

Is it safe?

Is it safe


All movies on the site are free to watch so you may wonder how the developer can make money from it. The answer is ads, lots of ads. If you’re coming here without an ad block on your browser, you’d definitely be spammed by ads. And sometimes, these ads are dangerous since they contain malware or virus program. So in order to watch movies on the sites, be sure to equip a strong internet firewall, malware and virus detector. And if you are not using any ad block software, remember not to click on any suspicious links. If the link pops up on itself, immediately close the tabs. And always visit the site in incognito mode.

Watching free movies on 123movies is safe but it could get dangerous sometimes. So users should always be careful and beware. But who could resist the temptation of being watching all types of movies online for free? If you’re still worried about the security, you should try 123movies, click to visit now.

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